RPR (Rapid Plasma Region)

The Plasmatec RPR test is a complete test system for the detection of syphilis which utilises plasma, unheated or heated serum. The test antigen is a modified form of VDRL antigen containing microparticulate carbon. A reactive result is indicated by agglutination which is readily visible without the aid of a microscope. The kit is provided complete with positive and negative controls, sample droppers/ stirrers, disposable agglutination slides and a convenient RPR antigen dispenser.

Product Code Product Name Kit Size
2/814 Biotec RPR 100 Test Kit 100x Tests
2/818 Biotec RPR 500 Test Kit 500x Tests
RPR/010 Plasmatec RPR 100T Kit 100T
2/012 Plasmatec RPR 500T Kit Complete 500T

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